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High quality Baltic peat moss producer

Our company is mainly involved in export business of natural and professional peat moss products including Asia, United Arab Emirates and South America markets. We produce high quality peat moss products with environmentally friendly methods. Our customers are from hobby markets, green houses, nurseries and substrate producing factories which acquire our peat moss for their product development.

ETEPEK - From home gardeners up to professionals.

Q: What we offer?

We offer wide range Baltic peat moss products. White milled, black and block peat types in a very various fractions. As well as professional peat moss substrates for different needs.

Q: Why choose our products?

Our peat substrates is made mixed with high quality additives in right proportions to our clients can achieve their best results. We cooperate with top quality European polyethene bag producers for our bag packaging. We care that high quality product is packed in high quality packaging.

Q: Quality assurance?

We strictly follow the quality of our products. After every our client order samples is being kept in laboratory for 6 months.

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