Professional peat moss product manufacturer.

ETEPEK provides their customers with highest quality peat products which are highly valued around the world. Company is located and manufactures its products in Latvia. Over the years, the company has developed its products and services carefully step by step. Starting from peat extraction in the bog with delivery to the customer.

Responsibility, environmentally friendly production extraction, long-term vision for the future and high professionalism are company's main goals working in peat industry.

ETEPEK works with each client individually and each client is important to us to achieve the highest goals together.

Our specialization


Responsible produced peat is a show of respect for the environment and global ecology.

ETEPEK care for future generations to maintain a friendly environment.


ETEPEK substrate products is made from highest quality additives to achieve best results.

Company provide a wide range of recipes to meet the needs of all our customers.

Cost efficiency

Company goal is not only to produce world-class products, but also to be friendly to customers budgets.

ETEPEK will try to find the cheapest solution for customer wishes.

Shipping options

ETEPEK cooperates with largest shipping lines and is therefore able to supply products world-wide by providing full service.

Individual shipping options

The company also provides non-standard cargo transportation, fulfilling the wishes of each customer individually.

Rail transport can also be beneficial in a variety of situations.

Full - service documentation

ETEPEK provides all the necessary documents for the successful shipment of customers cargo.

The company's export managers are professionals in their profession and will help with every detail.